Location & Assignment Photojournalism: Specializing in immersive and interactive reportage, stopphysics imagery will deliver the “thousand words” you need to hook a reader. Fuse many images together into a feature essay, and you …more»
Commercial Photographic Services: Drawing upon more than a decade of experience in studio- and location-lighting and a broad range of experience in retail marketing, stopphysics is intimately familiar with the challenge of presenting quality products and services in a competitive marketplace. Providing valuable business assistance in the studio and on-location.

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The stopphysics Reboot.

Originally launched early on in the first 5000 days of the web, I’m proud to present the rebooted stopphysics.com, and the site for our sister-business: openloopdesign.com. Included here in version 3-0 are all the fixin’s I dreamed of years ago, but have only recently become accessible as

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